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Java is the #1 programming language used by over 12 million developers. 80% of enterprises run Java SE on desktops, servers, and in cloud deployments.

Being highly distributed team worldwide, we are expanding our presence in Prague, building a team working on new projects such as adding machine learning capability into Java platform. We hire developers to write code to test code. Our goal is to have engineers writing robust, reliable, repeatable and maintainable tests that find issues early and cover the area of the component under testing. Our quality engineers contribute to a flexible and fast paced team, building a variety of tests leveraging the framework used for testing. Growth in this role means growing as an engineer: strong designs that are built to last, deep component knowledge and broad scenario experience will be measures of success as a candidate grows in this role. The primary focus for this position will be on client technologies: Jemmy and/or Selenium GUI testing and automation, shell scripting.

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